Fairy Trails

Fairy Trails
Fairy Trails

This summer we went to visit the fairies! Caring Fairies of the Oso Creek Trail in Mission Viejo. Legend has it that fairies were flying over Laguna Niguel and the fairy queen broke her wing. They made an emergency landing on the trail and loved it so much that they decided to stay. They’ve built a bunch of tiny houses and we can visit during the day. Now, these fairies sleep during the day and come out at night when the trail is closed to human visitors.

My daughter, dressed in her Tinkerbell outfit, was excited to visit her fairy friends.

Created by artist and self-proclaimed fairyologist Andreas Frank, the first iteration of this fairy village was first installed along the Aliso Creek Trail in 2016 and became a source of wonder and curiosity for the children in the area.
He has created something truly magical for local to children to enjoy.

There are at least a dozen tiny fairy houses dotting the vista-filled hike,. The fairies have chosen bright multicolored doors for their little homes and some have decorated their gardens with statues and furniture. They have even built a variety of communal buildings, including a cricket auditorium, playground, and bonfire circle. If you look hard you can even spot some trolls.

My daughter, dressed in her Tinkerbell outfit, was excited to visit her fairy friends.

We had such a great time looking for fairies that we kept walking far beyond where they built their houses. Know that the trail does not loop. Free public parking and Pick up a complimentary fairy map is available at the Potocki Center for the Arts.

The beginning of the fairy trail is located at 27301 La Paz Road, Mission Viejo, California 92692, adjacent to the Potocki Center for the Arts.  The trail is open from sunrise to sunset.

The fairy trail reopened November 1st. This is an ideal time to visit because it was HOT when we visited in the summer.

If you would like to support The Caring Fairies to Orange County contacting the fairies at thecaringfairies@gmail.com.


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